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Build A Pond: Where and Why

Why Build A Pond?

So you want to build a pond? What for? All jokes aside, you’ll want to know the purpose of your pond. The inspiration or reason for building a pond will have a big impact on the design and implementation of the pond excavation.

pond constructionYou may want to build a pond to:

  • Provide water for livestock
  • Irrigation or water diversion for heavy rainfall
  • Firefighting / Fire Protection
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Fishing / Wildlife Conservation
  • Improving your landscape

Your reason to build a pond could be one, several, or none of these. Whatever your inspiration, make sure you communicate that vision clearly with your contractor so the planning stage can include any necessary details to make your vision a reality.

What type of pond will it be?

You can build a pond two basic ways: Embankment, and Excavation.

Embankment ponds are built by interupting a source of water like a stream with a dam or embankment.

Excavation ponds (our most common pond projects), are built by removing earth to create a pit. The water level will differ with the size and depth of the pond, as well as the water level of the land.

Where should I put the pond?

blog-pond-construction2The placement of your pond will depend on the why of your pond, and your overall space restrictions.

If you’re building the pond as a livestock water source, it makes the most sense to locate it near the livestock. This means pastures or grazing areas are probably your best bet.

For irrigation or fire protection, it’s best to get the water closest to the use source. In other words, don’t move the water further than you have to.

For landscape ponds, you’ll want to select an area that is both accessible, and fits well in your landscape. There may already be a natural slope where less excavation could save you time and money.

General guidelines to follow are to avoid areas with possible contaminants, like old dump sites, farm drainage, sewage, or swamps. Make sure you also have room for water overflow; you don’t want to damage any other property in a big storm!

How do I build it?

Unless you’re comfortable with your state and county guidelines, and have all of the necessary tools, you’ll probably want to hire a contractor to construct your pond.

Knowing as much as you can about why and what you want to build will help reduce building risks, and increase the efficiency of the project! We can help you put together specific plans for your vision, and get you the pond you’ve been dreaming about! If you have any questions about your current pond, or are looking to get a pond constructed, please give us a call. Or, fill out our simple quote form for an estimate. Thanks for reading!