Enemies of Asphalt

Enemies of Asphalt

You just invested in paving an area of your property and the results improve both the looks and value of your property. There are a few items to keep in mind in order to preserve the longevity and beauty of your paved area.

Keep heavy vehicles off your asphalt

Minimize heavy truck traffic through your property. Heavy vehicles like garbage and moving trucks can break or bend the foundation for the asphalt. If your asphalt begins to show signs of damage such as cracks or indentations fill these areas in to help slow the damage a preserve the pavement as long as possible. If you know ahead of time that heavy vehicles will be parked on your property, designate areas for the heavy vehicles, they can be paved with a thicker layer of asphalt in order to accommodate the greater weights.

Shade or sealcoat your asphalt

Asphalt that is exposed to direct sunlight turns gray and ages faster than shaded areas. This is due to accelerated oxidation of the oil within the asphalt that helps bind the rocks together. In order to protect the surface from sunlight the best remedy is to apply sealcoat regularly to help protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sealcoat will also help protect the surface from automotive fluids that may also erode the asphalt.

Surface Water

Areas with heavy water flow or puddles will erode faster than areas with little or no water flow. Water is a powerful element and over time it can easily deteriorate the asphalt it is exposed to. In order to prevent such deterioration, keep the asphalt seal coated and ask a landscaper to install drip lines to help keep watering to a minimum.

Tree Roots

Damage from tree roots is difficult to predict and costly to repair. It is difficult to predict how a tree’s root system may take hold from looking at the surface. Tree roots tend to seek out water and nutrient sources as the tree grows and your asphalt may be in its path. If you are planting new trees and plants, it may be wise to consult an arborist for help selecting trees that will not overgrow their planters or install a root barrier to direct the roots deeper below the vulnerable asphalt.

A little preparation and investment can preserve the longevity and durability of your asphalt for years. Need asphalt? Contact Kitchen Excavating today at 315 750-9284 or request a quote online. We serve the Central New York region including Boonville, Cooperstown, Ilion, Liverpool, Oneida, Utica and more.