Backyard Ponds

Tips for Healthy Backyard Ponds

Say No to Neat

A backyard pond is more than just a hole in the ground with water in it. The best looking ponds maintain a good habitat for wildlife to live. A mixture of mud, leaves, twigs, stones and plants are key to providing plenty of places for wildlife to flourish which will enhance the environment. A lush backyard pond is a living thing, it’s ok to preen and prune it here and there but don’t try to control it too much or it may not live up to your expectations.

Have a Mix of Plant Life.

Plants are an integral piece of a great outdoor pond. Your pond should have a good variety of greenery such as underwater plants, plants with floating leaves and plants that grow out of the water will greatly enhance the look of the pond while also attract wildlife, Make sure to do your research first before planting, some plant life will invade the entire area and prevent other plants from taking hold.

Plant Life for Shade and Shelter.

Trees and tree roots in the vicinity of a pond can provide shelter and shade for animals but beware of overdoing it. Too much shade on your pond will reduce plant life and lead to a lot of decaying matter in the bottom. A successful pond doesn’t need to be very deep. Small ponds that are only 1 foot deep are enough for wildlife to flourish.

Beware Chemicals

Be careful when using pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals using chemicals can change the ph of the pond water and create toxic conditions for plant and animal life. Ponds water levels tend to fluctuate over time, resist the urge to refill your pond with tap water. Even tap water can contain high amounts or nutrients that encourage algae to propogate and discolor your pond to a murky green. In place of tap water use rain water to top off the water levels.

What About Fish?

It may seem like a great idea to populate your pond with fish, but if you want a lush habitat for your pond you may want to avoid them. Fish may not mix well with other wildlife such as frogs or newts. Fish can also change the chemical compostion of your pond by emitting natural ammonias that can make the water conditions unliveable for other wildlife. Larger bodies of water have the ability to manage the natural ammonias but a small backyard pond might not be capable of balancing healthy ph levels.

Love Your Pond!

Lastly enjoy the beauty of the habitat you’ve helped to create in your own backyard. They can be a perfect place to relax and let go of all the stresses from your work day.

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