Why Sealcoat Your Asphalt?

There are many reasons to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot but the main thing to consider is to think of sealcoating as a preventive and protective maintenance step for your asphalt surface. Sealcoating your parking lot or driveway is comparable to painting your home to prevent wood surfaces from deteriorating.

Seal small cracks to protect your asphalt

Sealcoating the asphalt regularly helps prevent small cracks from becoming large cracks, and prohibits water from seeping down below and causing deterioration of the asphalt. New sealcoating can also make your surface look cleaner by hiding any rough spots that may have developed and also makes it easier to wash away dirt and debris from the smoother surface.

Preserve the life span of your pavement

Sealcoat is a dark, black colored coating that when applied to your driveway or parking lot creates a fresh new look, similar to painting your home. Sealcoat hides the stains in the asphalt caused by leaking automotive fluids and seals against gas, diesel, oil, salt and other chemicals that would otherwise breakdown the bonds in the asphalt.

The new sealcoat will also make any painted lines or traffic marker easier to see and the dark sealcoat itself attracts more heat from the sun, making the coating pliable to prevent cracking. Sealcoating preserves the lifespan of your paved surfaces versus costly asphalt repairs.

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