Septic Services

Stop worrying about septic troubles, with 24-hour emergency service, you can give us a call at 315-750-9284 and we’d be happy to help.

Septic System New Installation

  • New Septic Tank Installation
  • Drywell
  • Leach Fields
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Raised Beds Systems
  • Performed with little or no damage to your lawn or driveway

New Septic Tank And Leach Field Installation

The process for installing a new septic system and leach field includes:

Percolation test, where water is poured into three “presoaked” test hole of 6-12 inches, and the percolation rate (rate at which water level in the hole decreases as water is absorbed) is recorded. The size of the septic system to be built is determined in part by this “perc rate” together with the number of bedrooms in a home, or, for commercial systems, projected estimates of daily water usage. Other site characteristics that will be evaluated include: the size of your property, the grade (steepness) of your site, the location of your proposed system relative to surface water and wells and the availability of suitable land for a leach field.

Septic Install Septic Install Septic Install Septic Install

The permit application may include some or all of the following

  • Properly completed application forms
  • Results of the site evaluation performed by a licensed professional engineer, sanitarian or installer
  • A plan of the property showing the residence/establishment, driveway, water wells, water lines, on-site sewage facility and other permanent improvements
  • A floor plan identifying rooms and closets, with dimensions and total (heated) square footage of the residence/establishment
  • One or more plans for the proposed design of the septic system (Type of Tank and leach field system)
  • A map showing the property location (if it is not in a subdivision)
  • Identification of a permanently reserved replacement/secondary leach field area to be used in the event of system failure

Your local boards Acceptance or Modification of Permit

Your local board of health will review your septic permit application and determine whether to grant approval for construction of the system in accordance with the plans submitted, or whether modifications in the proposed system design are needed. In some cases, the board of health may recommend or require an alternative system in place of a conventional leach field. If modifications/new requirements are stipulated, you will need to resubmit your application. Modification could be such as a raised bed or larger leach filed. When your application is accepted, you will be issued a septic permit, and then you can go ahead with construction of your septic system.