Blacktop Sealing

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Backside of a stiff bristled broom being used to spread asphalt sealer

Improve your driveway’s longevity

Sealing your blacktop will increase its lifespan as well as smoothing out small inconsistencies in its overall appearance. When you apply the asphalt or tar-based emulsion to your pavement the rate at which it deteriorates from wear and tear decreases greatly. At Kitchen Excavating we make sure that your driveway or parking lot will last a long time and won’t break down as quickly over time with the following causes of degradation:

  • Automotive fluids leaking or pooling on the pavement
  • Salts from tires and winters
  • Oils from cars and other machinery
  • Gas leakage and pooling
  • UV rays beating down over time

Improve the look of your blacktop!

While the primary cause for sealing your pavement is to increase the length of time it will survive, there are also pretty significant aesthetic improvements that come from sealing your driveway or parking lot. Over time the sun beats up blacktop. What used to be a dark black with clear lines or a consistent sheen—now it’s dirty and looks worn out. You spend so much time and money making sure the rest of your property looks nice, why leave out your pavement? Sealing rejuvenates the color and reflectivity of your paved surfaces making the whole area look new!

Why should you seal your pavement?

  • Future damage to pavement will be reduced or eliminated.
  • It will save you money in the long run (increases the lifespan of your pavement)
  • Ice and snow will melt
  • A smoother surface will be better on vehicles and your ankles over time.
  • Your business or home will look more professional and attractive.
  • Reduced risk of ice buildup during the colder months

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