Asphalt Paving and Patching

Our services include asphalt paving, repairing potholes, alligator areas, broken section, and oil saturated areas – all of which should be done prior to seal coating. Damaged areas can either be saw cut or jackhammered based on your preference or our recommendation.

Seal Coat Driveways

Seal coating is the method of protecting your asphalt pavement by applying a coating to the pavement surface. Often homeowners try to do this themselves, but hiring the pavement maintenance professionals at Kitchen’s Excavating will ensure the best results. We understand pavement, know how sealer works, and are trained to stop small problems before they become big expensive problems. Our paving professionals know the proper techniques to prepare the pavement and apply sealer, as well as using the necessary equipment and the highest quality materials. Included in our sealcoat is an aggregate, which makes the sealer last longer and assures an abrasive surface for car and foot traffic. Without proper aggregate, sealed asphalt can be slick.

Pothole Repair

When we work to fix potholes, we cut it out back to where the asphalt starts. We clean out the sand, rocks and plant materials from the pothole and use a water or air hose to remove any excess debris. We fill the deep holes with rock or gravel to within 4 inches of the surface. Asphalt mix is shoveled and poured in one-inch layers. Most materials will cure within a few hours. We apply the asphalt sealer to the entire asphalt surface. This will ensure a long lasting patch. Do not drive on the surface for at least 24 hours after the sealant is applied.

Crack Repair

We clean out the sand, rocks and plant materials from the cracks and use a water or air hose to remove any excess debris. Cracks are patched up with hot tar, asphalt or driveway sealer depending on the size of the crack. We block off the repaired area to prevent traffic as the material cures. Most materials will cure within a few hours. We next seal-coat the entire driveway to ensure a long lasting repair.

About Kitchen Excavating

Whether your business or home needs a new septic system and leach field installed or Septic tank pumping, leach field pipes cleaning with high pressure jetting or replacement of that plugged septic system or septic pipe Kitchen excavating can do it all. From plumbing to pond creation, we have the expertise to complete any job. We serve the Central New York Region. Our area of service includes Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia, and Hamilton areas.


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I had an old building that was just falling apart. It started to become a real eye sore on my property so I contacted Kitchen Excavating and they removed it for a great price. You wouldn’t even know a building was there.

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