Gravel Driveways

Are you considering a gravel driveway?

For many homeowners, gravel driveways are an affordable alternative to paved surfaces. The versatility of gravel affords you the ability to create unique and interesting color and design combinations without breaking the bank. The cost and versatility of gravel driveways make them a good, flexible option for many. If you are looking to put a gravel driveway in at your home, there are many things you should consider. Contact us with any and all questions and concerns and we will help you determine what your options are and how we can help you out best.

Some things you should know about gravel driveways.

Gravel driveways can be made using various materials, each of which has a color and surface quality that sets it apart. They include:

  • gravel
  • crushed granite
  • pea gravel
  • crushed stone

We can install gravel driveways very quickly, as little disruption to your weekly routine as possible. When installing gravel driveways, close attention should be paid to available drainage and overall level of the ground surface. The meticulous level of attention paid to every detail of the job supplied by Kitchen Excavating assures you that your driveway will last as long as possible with as little upkeep as possible. After the job is done, feel free to contact us with any and all questions and concerns to guarantee your gravel surface remains intact and looking good for years to come.

Maintaining your gravel driveway.

When you have a gravel driveway one of the tradeoffs between it and a paved surface is the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking good. With it being crushed stone on earth you should keep in mind the possibility of weed growth—so make sure to periodically apply as much weed killer as deemed fit. Along with weeds, the cost of winter on a gravel driveway is paid off in the spring when you should take care to return any gravel that migrated from the driveway to your lawn during plowing or shoveling. Keeping up with the list of little things like this will keep your driveway looking good longer.

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